Camel Heavyweight Linen with Gold Braid

Camel Heavyweight Linen with Gold Braid

Purity London
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Fabric | Camel Linen Heavyweight Washed

Braid | Gold

Dimensions | 35cm x 42cm 

Purity London has teamed up with Fine Cell Work to create these beautiful vegan bags.

The fabrics are all Vegan and they are made with the skill and craftsmanship from the team at Fine Cell Work.

Our fabrics are linen or cotton based. Linen is made from fax seed and our soft moleskin fabric is made from cotton. Both fabrics are supplied from the UK. We were introduced to the linen from the lovely family owned The Cloth Shop in Portobello Road & the moleskin from another family owned shop, Misan fabrics. Both shops have been supplying fabrics in London for over 50 years. We also use a supplier of moleskin based in Lancs. They have been in business for 80 years.

Our ornate braids and trims come from The Cloth Shop and Joel & Sons. Joel & Son’s are family owned too and based in London. They have a Royal Warrant and are simply a shop of wonderful things.

The bags are designed by Paisley at Purity London and we work with the team at Fine Cell Work to craft them. Once the design is completed, the team at Fine Cell Work works with their skilled workers in their workshops in the production of the bags. The love, skill and attention to detail is evident in the finished bags. Purity London is grateful to the Fine Cell Work team to making the bags come alive.