Colloidal Oats


Did you know?

OATS are one of nature’s only anti-bacterial cleansing ingredients that are capable of effectively cleansing your skin and leaving it wonderfully moisturized. It would be almost impossible to synthetically create such a perfectly functioning multi-tasking ingredient. At Purity London we love using colloidal OATS in our Facial Cleanser, which make it an ideal wipe-off cleanser with no need for added water.

How oats work

Function 1

A gel forms when powered oats are put into water (our formulation has just enough water for this to happen), so that when the cleanser is applied to skin it forms a barrier so no moisture is lost. 

Function 2

Between the barrier and your skin are particles (they naturally occur in oats) that act like soap and bind to unwanted dirt, bacteria and toxins and naturally transport them to the gel barrier.

Function 3

The barrier transports the unwanted dirt, bacteria and toxins to the outside of the barrier and away from your skin, without removing any moisture. The barrier residue that remains on your skin also acts to prevent any of these unwanted particles from binding back on your skin.

The science

The OATs we use at Purity come in a powdered form allowing them to disperse in liquid formulations. The powder, called Colloidal Oats, when added to water forms a gel containing 10-18% protein, 60-64% polysaccharides (sugars), and a mixture of lipids approx 7% (fats), enzymes, Saponins (natural soap), vitamins, Flavonoids and prostaglandin synthesis inhibitors(natural anti-inflammatory).

When this gel is applied to the skin it forms a hydrophilic (water liking) film made from polysaccharides and proteins. In addition, the lipids form a barrier to boost the skins water retaining properties -- this is why colloidal oatmeal is so moisturizing. The carbohydrates in the film are amazing as the humectant properties attract water from the outside of the film but once the water is inside the film i.e. between the film and your skin then the water cannot escape back out due to both this humectant property, and the lipid barrier. The film also allows only toxins out activity and blocks toxins from coming in.

Once the water is trapped between the film and your skin it is trapped by colloidal starch which is the magic ingredient of oats. The colloidal starch is made of the sugars and proteins. These sugars and proteins have a unique ability to attract, absorb and retain large quantities of water. This is the second reason why Colloidal Oats are so moisturising for the skin.

Finally, there are Saponins and Flavonoids which operate between your skin and the gel barrier. Saponins are a natural cleanser/soap and can absorb and transport dirt from the skin. Flavonoids are anti-oxidant, and as compounds have been shown to act as antibacterial.

So, share the news that Colloidal Oats are one of nature’s best cleansers. Due to their natural properties they provide a unique and natural moisture barrier whilst at the same time allowing the removal of dirt, bacteria and toxins magical!

We celebrate the clever and multiple powers of Colloidal Oats in our Conditioning Cleansing Lotion. Purity London Condition Cleansing Lotion is  able to help gently break down and effectively remove all traces of make-up including mascara and the general dirt and grime the skin accumulates throughout the day. Try our Award Winning Purity London Conditioning Cleansing Lotion now!